Frank Mezzatesta
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photo Introduction
I'm Frank Mezzatesta, an Engineer with many interests in Electrical, Electronic, Control, and Software Engineering. This site examines some of those interests and some accomplishments as well. When someone asks me what I do for a living, I'm proud to say "I'm an Engineer".

What is Engineering?
For some, Engineering is just a job. To me, Engineering is a way of thinking that I use not only at work but also in the rest of my life. Engineering is a systematic and practical approach to solving various problems in our world.

More than Engineering
You can't work for Walt Disney Imagineering for 41 years without having the creative process rub off on you. I learned a unique way to brainstorm new ideas and to get the most out of a room full of people. My value was thinking differently than the rest but also knowing when thinking the same was best.